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General Tips

1) To Avoid the sticky or oily feeling in thava’s,pans etc, heat the pan with 1 spoon of salt and rub it with a news paper.

2) To avoid the cracking of egg while boiling, add 2 pinch of salt to the boiling water.

3) To avoid powdering of the egg yolk while cutting the boiled or cooked egg,Dip the cutting knife in cold water and then use it for cutting.

4) To keep your vegetables always fresh, dip your vegetables in water mixed with vinegar for about 10 mins.

5) To avoid the blackening of the cut piece of Apple, Sprinkle with lime Juice.

6) To avoid crying while cutting Onion ,keep the onion in Refrigerator or dip the onion in water for about 10 mins.

7) To prevent the colour of vegetables even after cooking,put some baking soda to the vegetables.

Tips For Preparing Pickles

1) Best timing for preparing Pickles is Summer. Each ingredients should be dried up in sun and then use it, without having water content .And serve the in the Winter,It will be Perfect.

2)Pickles preparing in the pot will be having the Best taste.

Avoiding Bad Smell

1) To avoid the Garlic Smell on your hand ,rub your hand with ripe tomato pieces .

2) To avoid the bad smell of Egg hold the pan for about a minute in fire.

3) To avoid the Fishy smell of a pan,boil a tsp of tea powder in water and keep this tea water in this pan for about 1 or 2 hrs.

4) To avoid the Fishy Smell on your hand , rub with Sallt or with Vinegar.

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