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Welcome to my Cookery Website. Thanks for sparing your precious time to check out my Website.

I am Kiran Mary ,based out of New York. You guys can consider me as a newly evolved cook ,coz  sometimes  i  myself  get surprised seeing my own recipes turning out   yummy . When i got married  i was a newbie to cooking  but  later i  got more into cooking, and am happily taking a short break from my IT career.

I started  enjoying   cooking when i see others enjoy my dishes and recipes, that gives me encouragement to try new dishes.

I basically improvise on my moms dishes or mixes up ingredients whatever i feel like too. Anyway i would like to share my Cookery ideas here in my Website. I invite you to Join and to try my recipes, and if you would like, leave constructive feedback in the comments.

Enjoy my Recipes and Have a great Time.

With Prayers

Kiran Mary

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