Caramel Pudding

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1) Milk – 2cups
2) Powdered Sugar – 10 tbsp (rounded) or to taste
3) Eggs – 8nos
4) Sugar for caramel – 1/2 cup
5) Vanilla essence – 1 tsp


1) Beat together eggs, milk, sugar and vanilla essence in a bowl until sugar dissolves.
2) In a pan add sugar for making caramel .
3) Add 2 tbsp of hot water so that the sugar dilutes fast. Let it cook gently until the sugar melts and turn golden.
4) When its golden color remove it from flame and add 2tbsp of water to avoid overcooking of sugar syrup. If it over cooks it will taste bitter. Allow it to cool for some time.
5) Pre-coat the dish with butter.
6) Pour the golden caramel in a baking dish and pour the pudding mixture on top of it.
7) Put the pudding dish, in a pan of water, in a pre heated oven at 350 f for 45 minutes.
8) Take it out of the oven when it sets and let it cool at room temperature.
9) You can chill it in the refrigerator before serving or serve warm.
For Serving: Carefully run a butter knife around the egg pudding, place a platter over the pudding mold and carefully turn it upside down and serve.

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Kiran Mary

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  1. Vani Says:

    Great Recipe!!!

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    Really delicious

  3. Suja Says:

    Easy to prepare

  4. Alexi Debros Says:

    Mmm,looks amazing! And it’s very easy to prepare. I’m going right now to the kitchen to make it. 🙂 Thanks for the recipe.

  5. Alex Says:

    Mmm, love this pudding! I haven’t prepared it a long time. Thanks for remembering me. Just a great recipe.

  6. Maria M Triana Says:

    That look yummie!!!!!!

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    Wonderful recipe!!!!!!

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