Mixed Vegetable Stir Fry.

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vegetablestir fry

Brocolli – 1/4 cup
Carrot sliced – 1/4 cup
cauliflower – 1/4 cup
Cornstarch – 2 tsp
Teriyaki Marinade sauce – 6 tbsp
Brown sugar – 5 tbsp
can add more if u need the dish to be more sweet
Garlic/Garlic paste – 1/2 tsp
Grated Apple – 3 tbsp
Pepper Powder – 1 tsp
Grape/Cherry wine (Red Wine) – 1/4 cup
Salt – to taste
Oil – 1 tsp


1. In a mixing bowl, combine the cornstarch, teriyaki sauce, brown sugar and ginger/garlic paste,sugar. Mix thoroughly.

2. Boil the mixture in a saucepan and stir it well till the sauce gets thicken. Add wine and stir it again and add the grated apple pieces and pepper powder. Cook until mixture boils and thickens, stirring frequently. Allow it to cool.

3. In a large skillet or frying pan, over medium/high heat, pour oil and saute the Cut vegetables until raw taste goes off.Don’t let fresh colour of the vegetables go off during frying.

4. Add half of the cooked sauce to fried vegetables and cook it till the pieces gets a nice glazing to it.

:- Sauce is similar for Chicken and Beef Teriyaki.
:- You can add any sliced vegetables you like for the stir fry.

Note :- U can add Sugar or Brown Sugar to increase the sweetness.Keep on tasting the sauce to check the sweetness.You can even add 1/4 tsp of chilly powder to get ur dish a little hot.

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Kiran Mary.

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  1. Sangeetha Subhash Says:

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  3. sailaja Says:

    lovely ur making mr hungry….

  4. kiran Says:

    Thanku Very much Sangeetha,Prasu & Sajila for such an encouraging Comment.

    Keep in touch.


  5. Sushma Mallya Says:

    Lovely click and looks awesome with those colourful vegetables…Thanks for joining in kiran and hope to c u around more often…do keep in touch and take care

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